2003-2004 Results

General Awards

Carroll and Hall Received a 1st Round Bid to the NDT
Southeast Region CEDA – Outstanding Debater – Jamie Carroll
National CEDA Rankings – 15th
Anjali Garg awarded Truman Scholarship in March
CEDA All American Debaters – Jamie Carroll & Brad Hall
Research Fellow – Arizona Debate Institute – 2004 – Jamie Carroll

Championships and Final Rounds

University of Alabama – (Novice) – 1st Ashley Lubenkov & David Hancock (Link to Alabama Photos)
Liberty University – (JV) – 1st Andy Mitchell & Jim Jimmerson
UC-Berkeley – 2nd Jamie Carroll & Brad Hall
Novice National – Northwestern – 1st Liz Lundeen & Chris Sedelmyer
James Madison Commemorative Debate and Citizens Forum – 4th Anjali Garg & Sam Enzer (Pictures)


University of Kentucky – Brad Hall & Jamie Carroll
Liberty University – Liz Lundeen & Chris Sedlemyer
University of Georgia – Chris Sedlemyer & Liz Lundeen
Univ of Georgia – Nicole Burnap & Jim Jimmerson)


Georgia State University – Jamie Carroll & Brad Hall
University of Kentucky (First year breakout) Joel Lemuel & Adam Abelkop
University of Kentucky (First year breakout) Liz Lundeen & Chris Sedelmyer
University of Alabama – Anjali Garg & James Morrill
Liberty (JV) Nicole Burnap & Patrick Jackson (Met WFU)
Cal State Fullerton – Jamie Carroll & Brad Hall
Southeast CEDA – Liz Lundeen & Chris Sedelmyer


University of Alabama – Adam Abelkop & Joel Lemuel
Harvard University – Anjali Garg & James Morrill
Liberty University – Joel Lemuel & Adam Abelkop
University of Southern California – Elizabeth Gedmark & David Leung
State Univ. of West Georgia – Brad Hall & Jamie Carroll
Northwestern University – Jamie Carroll & Brad Hall
National Debate Tournament – Brad Hall & Jamie Carroll

Double Octa Finals

University of Kentucky – Elizabeth Gedmark & David Leung
Liberty University – Jessica Shaw & Darrin Gamradt
University of Southern California – Jamie Carroll & Brad Hall
Cal State Fullerton – Nicole Burnap & Elizabeth Gedmark
CEDA Nationals (Louisville) – Brad Hall and Jamie Carroll


Georgia State – David Leung & Elizabeth Gedmark
University of Alabama – David Coons & Josh Traeger
University of Alabama – Liz Lundeen & Chris Sedelmyer
Harvard University – Brad Hall & Jamie Carroll
Liberty University (Novice) – Ashley Lubenkov & David Hancock

Speaker Awards

Alabama – 10th – Anjali Garg
Alabama -11th James Morrill
Alabama (Novice) – 9th David Handcock
Alabama (Novice) – 10th Ashley Lubenkov
Liberty – 7th Joel Lemuel
Liberty – 9th Darrin Gamaradt
Liberty – 10th Chris Sedelmyer
Liberty (JV) – 7th Patrick Jackson
Liberty (JV) – 11th Jim Jimmerson
Liberty (JV) – 13th Andy Mitchell
Univ of Southern California – 19th Elizabeth Gedmark
State Univ. of West Georgia – 10th Jamie Carroll
UC-Berkeley – 18th Jamie Carroll
Northwestern Univ – 20th Jamie Carroll
Georgia – 1st – Liz Lundeen
Novice Nationals, Northwestern – 9th Liz Lundeen

2004 Debater’s Choice Awards (voted by National Debate Community)

Best Overall Debate Tournament Excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals (tie Northwestern)
Best Tournament Hospitality – 1st
Tournament with the best awards excluding NDT/CEDA Nationals – 2nd
Most Improved Second-Year
1st- Brad Hall, Wake Forest
2nd- Jamie Carroll, Wake Forest
Most Underrated Team – Wake Carroll/Hall 2nd
Squad you most want to debate for, other than your own – 3rd