Debate at Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University enjoys a century and half old tradition of debate success (since 1835). Long-term success is built on enduring principles, at a team and individual level. Individually, a successful debater is one who sets high goals for themselves and in the process of striving to reach the goals discovers their own abilities and limitations. Debate at the highest level is an enjoyable process of intellectual and personal self-discovery. This level of individual success is, by definition available to students of all experience and talent levels, so our team is open to all that are willing to strive to achieve such success. As a team, debate success is measured in terms of group effort and synergy. A team can enable everyone to have more enjoyment and more individual success as defined above. Personal sacrifice and compromise ends up being repaid many times over in the benefits that a friendly, cooperative team produces. Everyone shares in the joy of the accomplishments of everyone else, from novice to NDT champion.