1929 Typical Travel Schedule

1929CaudillReview of Debate Season

Howler, 1929

INTERCOLLEGIATE debating at Wake Forest College is managed and supported entirely by the two literary societies. The Intercollegiate Debate Council is the organ of the societies in determining both the Varsity and Freshman schedules, and the number of men that shall compose the two debate squads. The Society Day debaters automatically become intercollegiate debaters, while the rest of the debating squad are chosen by tryouts. an equal number of men being chosen from each society.

The Varsity debating squad for the current year consisted of twelve men and two alternates. The men chosen from the Euzelian Society were: R. Paul Caudill, and Wade Brown, Society Day Debaters: Joe Carlton, R. K. Benfield, H. C. Carroll, Max Griffin, and W. L. Warfford as alternate. Those chosen from the Philomathesian Society were: Wade Bostic, and Roy Robinson, Society Day Debaters; J. M. Early, D. H. McClary, Luther Robinson, E. C. Shoe, and M. H. Thompson as alternate.

The question of the current year was the National Phi Kappa Delta question. Resolved. That a substitute for trial by jury should be adopted. The schedule consisted of twenty debates which are as follows:

  • Carson Newman College at Wake Forest, N. C.
    Team: Joe Carlton and Wade Bostic
  • Emoy and Henry College at Louisburg, N. C.
    Team: R. Paul Caudill and Luther Robinson
  • University of West Virginia (girls) at Wake Forest, N. C.
    Team: Wade Brown, H. C. Carroll and D. R. McClary
  • Elon College at Elon, N. C.
    Team: Max Griffin and J. M. Early
  • High Point College at High Point, N. C.
    Team: Wade Brown and D. R. McClary
  • Howard College at Wake Forest, N. C.
    Team: E. C. Shoe and R. Paul Caudill
  • Phi Kappa Delta Championship series of South Atlantic Providence
    Team: Joe Carlton and Wade Bostic

    1. N. C. State College at Meredith College, Raleigh, N. C.
    2. West Virginia Wesleyan College at State College, Raleigh, N.C.
    3. Wofford College at State College, Raleigh, N. C.
    • Championship won by Wake Forest College
  • Virginia Tour
    Team: R. K. Benfield, E. C. Shoe and Luther Robinson

    1. Hampden-Sidney College at Hampden-Sidney, Va.
    2. University of Richmond at Richmond, Va.
    3. William and Mary College at Williamsburg, Va.
  • Southwestern Tour
    Team: Wade Bostic, Joe Carlton, Roy Robinson and Max Griffin

    1. Wofford College at Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S. C.
    2. University of South Carolina at Columbia, S. C.
    3. University of Chattanooga at Chattanooga, Tenn.
    4. Carson-Newman College at Jefferson City, Tenn.
    5. Lincoln Memorial University at Harrogate, Tenn.
    6. Emory and Henry College at Emory, Va.