1998-1999 Results

Championships and Final Rounds

University of Kentucky Round Robin, Justin Green & Clay Rhodes, 2nd Place
University of Kentucky, Andy Ryan & Cyclone Covey, 2nd Place
University of Richmond (JV), Urmi Engineer & LeeAnne Quattucci, 2nd Place
Harvard University, Clay Rhodes & Justin Green, 2nd Place
Liberty University, Andrea Will & Jason Gronberg, 1st Place
Liberty University, (Novice) Rafa Guigou & Clint Watson, 1st Place
National Qualifier (District VI), 1st Place, Andy Geppert & Jarrod
National Qualifier (District VI), 2nd Place, Emma Filstrup & Wes Lotz


University of South Carolina Round Robin, Wesley Lotz & Cyclone Covey
University of Richmond (Novice), Clint Watson & Rafa Guigou
Capitol Cities Debates, Emma Filstrup & Wes Lotz
Harvard University, Andy Ryan & Cyclone Covey
US Naval Academy, Amy Powell & Mark Yopp
University of Kansas, Justin Green (debating with Jeff McNabb, Emory)
SE/S-Central CEDA Championships, Cyclone Covey & Thomas Loquvam


Liberty University, Mark Yopp & Amy Powell
Liberty University, Liz Ellis & Chris DeVault
University of Southern California, Clay Rhodes & Justin Green
Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City, Mike Perry & Cyclone Covey
Northwestern University, Justin Green & Clay Rhodes
University of Kansas, Emma Filtrup & Wes Lotz
National Debate Tourament, Clay Rhodes & Justin Green


University of Northern Iowa, Clay Rhodes and Justin Green
University of Kentucky, Clay Rhodes and Justin Green
University of Richmond (Novice), Met WFU, Andy Yates & Susie Eggers
Capitol Cities, Georgetown, Andy Geppert & Mike Perry
Liberty University, (Novice), Susie Eggers & Erin Grall
University of Southern California, Andy Geppert & Jarrod Atchison
University of Southern California, Emma Filstrup & Wes Lotz
Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City, Amy Powell & Mark Yopp
William Jewell College, Mike Perry & Cyclone Covey
William Jewell College, JV, Andrea Will & Michelle Neidigh
State University of West Georgia, Clay Rhodes & Justin Green
Baylor University, Emma Filstrup & Wes Lotz
Baylor University, Andy Geppert & Jarrod Atchison
US Naval Academy, Andrea Will & Thomas Allen
US Naval Academy, Michelle Neidigh & Thomas Loquvam
US Naval Academy, Chris DeVault & Cyclone Covey
Northwestern University, Wes Lotz & Emma Filstrup
University of Kansas, Andy Geppert & Cyclone Covey (Met WFU/Emory)
Novice Nationals, Chris DeVault & Michael Perry
CEDA Nationals, Southern Illinois, Cyclone Covey & LeeAnne Quattucci
National Debate Tournament, Emma Filstrup & Wes Lotz


Univ. of South Carolina, Mark Yopp & Amy Powell
Univ. of Kentucky, Andy Geppert & Jarrod Atchison
Northwestern University, Jarrod Atchison & Andy Geppert
Northwestern University, Amy Powell & Mark Yopp


Univ. of Kentucky, Emma Filstrup & Wes Lotz
Capitol Cities, Georgetown, Chris DeVault & Michelle Neidigh
Harvard University, Emma Filstrup & Wes Lotz
Harvard University, Andy Geppert & Jarrod Atchison
Liberty University, Thomas Allen & Jon Kimbro
William Jewell College, Jon Kimbro & Thomas Allen
State Univ. of West Georgia, Wes Lotz & Emma Filstrup

Speaker Awards

South Carolina Round Robin, 3rd Cyclone Covey
South Carolina Round Robin, 4th Wes Lotz
Univ. of Northern Iowa, 10th Justin Green
Univ. of Northern Iowa, 12th Clay Rhodes
Univ. of Kentucky, 4th Andy Ryan
Univ. of Kentucky, 6th Clay Rhodes
Univ. of Kentucky, 20th Justin Green
Univ. of Richmond, 8th ( JV) LeeAnne Quattucci
Univ. of Richmond, 4th (Novice) Clint Watson
Univ. of Richmond, 9th (Novice) Will Hunt
Capitol Cities, Georgetown, 3rd Emma Filtrup
Capitol Cities, Georgetown, 6th Andy Geppert
Capitol Cities, Georgetown, 10th Wes Lotz
Capitol Cities, Georgetown, 13th Chris DeValt
Harvard University, 12th Andy Ryan
Harvard University, 15th Clay Rhodes
Liberty University, 5th Amy Powell
Liberty University, 8th Jason Gronberg
University of Southern California, 3rd Clay Rhodes
University of Southern California, 16th Andy Geppert
University of Southern California, 19th Jarrod Atchison
Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City, 11th Cyclone Covey
William Jewell College, 5th Cyclone Covey
William Jewell College, 8th Michael Perry
William Jewell College, 1st (JV) Andrea Will
State Univ. of West Georgia, 2nd Clay Rhodes
State Univ. of West Georgia, 10th Justin Green
Baylor University, 13th Wes Lotz
Baylor University, 16th Emma Filstrup
US Naval Academy, 1st Amy Powell
US Naval Academy, 3rd Mark Yopp
US Naval Academy, 15th Cyclone Covey
US Naval Academy, 16th Thomas Loquvam
Northwestern University, 12th Clay Rhodes
Northwestern University, 15th Justin Green
Univ. of Kansas, 19th Cyclone Covey
Univ. of Kansas, 20th Justin Green
SE/S-Central CEDA Championship, 1st Cyclone Covey
SE/S-Central CEDA Championships, 4th Thomas Loquvam
National Qualifier (District VI), 5th Emma Filstrup
National Qualifier (Dstrict VI), 7th Wes Lotz
National Qualifier (District VI), 8th Jarrod Atchison
National Qualifier (District VI), 11th Andy Geppert
Novice Nationals, Northwestern, 14th Chris DeVault
CEDA Nationals, Southern Illinois,18th Cyclone Covey

End-of-Year Awards

Best Debater: Clay Rhodes
Greatest Contribution: Justin Green
Most Improved: Wesley Lotz
Best First Year: Mike Perry