2004-2005 Results

Championships and Final Rounds

University of Alabama – 2nd – Naomi Dale & Chris Sedelmyer
University of Alabama (JV) 2nd Sean Ridley& Peter Morris
Liberty University – 2nd – John Patton & Jack Parker
Dartmouth Round Robin – 2nd – Brad Hall and Jamie Carroll
Vanderbilt University- 1st (JV) – Peter Morris and Sean Ridley
District VI National Qualifier – Elizabeth Gedmark & James Morrill
Southeast CEDA Select Sweepstake Award
South East Sweepstakes 1st – Wake Forest University (presented at CEDA nationals)


University of Southern California – Brad Hall & Jamie Carroll
Cal State Fullerton – Jamie Carroll & Brad Hall
SE/SEC CEDA Championships – (JV) Sean Ridley & Peter Morris


Georgia State University – Jamie Carroll & Brad Hall
University of Kentucky (First year breakout) Jack Parker & John Patten
University of Richmond – JT Kittrell & Mike Ochoa
Liberty University – Naomi Dale & Chris Sedelmyer
Northwestern University – Brad Hall & Jamie Carroll
SE/SEC CEDA Championships – JT Kittrell & Chris Sedelmyer
National Debate Tournament – Jamie Carroll & Brad Hall


University of Kentucky – Brad Hall & Jamie Carroll
Harvard University – Jamie Carroll & Brad Hall
State University of West Georgia – Brad Hall & Jamie Carroll
Naval Academy – JT Kittrell & John Patten

Double Octa Finals

Georgia State University – Elizabeth Gedmark & James Morrill
University of Kentucky – James Morrill & Elizabeth Gedmark
University of Southern California – Elizabeth Gedmark & James Morrill
University of Southern California – John Patten & Jack Parker
Cal State Fullerton – James Morrill & Elizabeth Gedmark
Cal State Fullerton – Jack Parker & John Patten


Georgia State – John Patten & Jack Parker
Harvard – Elizabeth Gedmark & James Morrill
Harvard – John Patten & Jack Parker
Liberty- Mike Ochoa & JT Kittrell
Cal State Fullerton – Naomi Dale & Chris Sedelmyer

Speaker Awards

Georgia State – 9th Jamie Carroll
Georgia State – 10th Brad Hall
Kentucky – 18th Brad Hall
Kentucky – 19th Jamie Carroll
Richmond – 7th Speaker – JT Kittrell
Alabama – 10th – Chris Sedelmyer
Alabama -1st – (JV) Sean Ridley
Harvard – 13th Brad Hall
Harvard – 17th Jamie Carroll
Liberty – 1st Jack Parker
Liberty – 2nd John Patten
Liberty – 7th Chris Sedelmyer
Liberty – 8th Naomi Dale
University of Southern California – 12th Jamie Carroll
University of Southern California – 16th Brad Hall
Cal State Fullerton – 18th Brad Hall
Cal State Fullerton – 19th Jamie Carroll
State College of West Georgia – 10th Brad Hall
Naval Academy – 9th (JV) Sean Ridley
Northwestern -16th Jamie Carroll
SE CEDA Championships – 4th – Elizabeth Gedmark
SE CEDA Championships – (JV) 3rd Sean Ridley
SE CEDA Championship – (JV) 5th Peter Morris

2005 Debater’s Choice Awards

Best Novice Debater of the Year: 3rd Sean Ridley, Wake Forest
Best overall debate tournament: 1st Wake Forest
Best tournament hospitality: 2nd Wake Forest
Best judge: 4th Ross Smith
Most underrated team: 1st. Wake Forest Carroll and Hall
Best Karaoke singer at the NDT: 3rd JP Lacy, Wake Forest