Ross K. Smith National Coach of the Year Award

The Ross K. Smith National Coach of the Year Award is named after Ross K. Smith who was the two time national champion head coach and director of debate at Wake Forest. The award is unique among intercollegiate debate as the winners are determined exclusively by a vote of the previous winners of the award. The award recognizes a lifetime achievement in coaching intercollegiate debate. Award stewardship began at Emory University before moving to the University of South Carolina and is now hosted by Wake Forest University.”

2017 Dr. Michael Hester West Georgia
2016 Jonathan Paul Georgetown
2015 Ed Lee Emory
2014 David Heidt Michigan
2013 Sam Maurer Emporia
2012 Dr. Daniel Fitzmier Northwestern
2011 Adrienne Brovero Mary Washington
2010 Roger Solt Kentucky
2009 Dave Arnett Cal Berkeley
2008 Eric Morris Missouri State University
2007 Ed Panetta University of Georgia
2006 Scott Harris University of Kansas
2005 Sherry Hall Harvard University
2004 Jon Brushke California State Univ.-Fullerton
2003 Jim Hanson Whitman College
2002 Scott Deatherage Northwestern University
2001 Joel Rollins University of Texas-Austin
2000 Will Repko Michigan State University
1999 Carrie Crenshaw University of Alabama
1998 William E. Newnam Emory University
1997 Ross Smith Wake Forest University
1996 Doug Duke University of Central Oklahoma
1995 Todd Graham Northwestern State University
1994 David Berube University of South Carolina
1993 A. C. Snider University of Vermont
1992 Glen Strickland Emporia State University
1991 Melissa Wade Emory University
1990 Dallas Perkins Harvard University
1989 Daryl Scott Gonzaga University
1988 Allan Louden Wake Forest University
1987 Jeff Bile Southern Illinois University
1986 Robin Rowland & David Hingstman Baylor University
1985 Bill Balthrop University of North Carolina
1984 Walter Ulrich Vanderbilt University
1983 Tim Hynes University of Louisville
1982 Ken Strange Dartmouth College
1981 J. W. Patterson University of Kentucky
1980 Donn Parson University of Kansas
1979 Tim Browning University of Arizona
1978 No award protesting SCA moving onto the weekend
1977 Cully Clark University of Alabama
1976 Bill Henderson Houston University
1975 Chester Gibson West Georgia College
1974 Daniel Bozik Augustana College
1973 Thomas Kane University of Pittsburgh
1972 David Zarefsky Northwestern University
1971 James Unger Georgetown University
1970 John Lynch St. Anselm’s College
1969 George Ziegelmueller Wayne State University
1968 Herb James Dartmouth College
1967 Anabel Haygood University of Alabama